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About us

Who We Are

Medicine + Bio + IT Expert Group

  • Bioinformatics experts
  • Genomics experts
  • Clinical service integration experiences

What We Do

"GO provides genomic tools to support clinical decision"

  • Early stage detection based on NGS
  • Cancer monitoring
  • Discovery of drug target biomarker

Our Services

Liquid Biopsy

Monitoring and early stage detection of solid and hematologic cancer

Discovery of the drug target biomarker

Characterization of expression signature
Using single cell RNA Seq

Genomic Test Kit

FDA approved Software GMP and IVD
for the genomic Dx

Meet the team

Medicine + BT + IT experts


Sun Choong Hyun / Ph.D


Ph.D, Computer Science, KAIST


Im Hogune / Ph.D


Ph.D, Biochemistry and Molecular biology, UW-Madison


Song Han / Ph.D


Ph.D, Infection and Immunology, Korea Univ.

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